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John Barrowman visited Ianto's shrine in Cardiff and had a very spooky encounter

The spirit of Ianto lives on

Published: Wednesday, 18th May 2016 at 9:15 am

Almost seven years after the death of Ianto in Torchwood, his ‘shrine’ in Cardiff is still as strong as ever.


Torchwood fans from all over the world come to post messages on the entrance to the Hub in Cardiff Bay in tribute to the beloved character – so it was only right that Captain Jack's John Barrowman visited the hallowed spot during his recent visit Cardiff.

“I decided to come down to the shrine, Ianto’s shrine, to see how everything is and to see what all the excitement is about, wondering if the spirit of Ianto still exists," Barrowman said as he stood in front of the wall of messages.

Except, this pilgrimage proved particularly ‘haunting’ – because, as you may or may not be aware, Captain Jack has reunited with the dearly departed Ianto for more Torchwood episodes.

Barrowman and actor Gareth David-Lloyd have been in the studio together recording special audio dramas with producers Big Finish.

And when Barrowman filmed himself in front of Ianto's shrine, who mysteriously popped up behind him? You guessed it.

Barrowman and David-Lloyd also took a nostalgic trip through Cardiff, reminiscing about "many a long night" spent filming there – and making dirty jokes.

Fans’ dedication to the place and the show is incredible, with trinkets, photos and cards covering a wall next to the water in Cardiff Bay.


The spirit of Ianto will never die – let’s just hope the upcoming episodes are true to that legacy.


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