Doctor Who wishes you a very Missy Christmas

Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and the Doctor Who special cast want you to have a happy Christmas – but Michelle Gomez's message will freak you out

Aww, this is sweet, the Doctor Who cast have joined together to wish you a very merry Christmas. Except… wait, Missy definitely hasn’t got into the Christmas spirit.


There’s not even a flicker of a smile as Michelle Gomez says a grudging ‘Merry Christmas’ – and her message afterwards is more naughty than nice.

“Hope you get everything that you wish for, and that you’ve been good girls and boys, and that Santa doesn’t get stuck down the chimney.”

To be honest, Steven Moffat doesn’t exactly seem full of festive cheer either – somebody give the man a mince pie.


Greg Davies on the other hand will definitely not be short of company this Christmas. How cool would it be to freak the kids out with these?