Vote for the best Doctor Who series of the modern era – semi-final 2

It’s Matt Smith vs Christopher Eccleston as we inch closer to the final clash

Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant and Matt Smith in Doctor Who (BBC, HF)

After seven weeks of voting, we’re just a couple of steps away from finding out which of Doctor Who’s modern (i.e. post-2005) series is the number one fan-favourite – but before the grand final, we have another three-way clash for fans to choose between.


So will it be Christopher Eccleston’s series one or Matt Smith’s series six or seven (plus specials) facing off with David Tennant’s series four in the final? Will you be turning it up to Eleven, or living on Cloud Nine?

Will the original return of Doctor Who to TV featuring Slitheen, Daleks, Autons and gas mask zombies take your vote, or will one series from Matt Smith’s later years (including battles with the Silence, Ice Warriors, Zygons and living planets) take the plum spot?

Make your choice now – or, if you’d prefer to have a bit of a look back about what actually happened in each series, we’ve collated some quick reminders below.

Series one

The Tardis, Christopher Eccleston (BBC)

Hard as it is to believe now, bringing back Doctor Who in 2005 was a risky prospect – but thanks to brilliant scripts from Russell T Davies and many other writers and key central performances by Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, series one was an absolute smash-hit.

From the confident opening 45 minutes of Rose, via Dalek reboots, aliens in London and gas mask zombies series one introduced Doctor Who to a whole new audience. But does it get your vote all these years later?

Series 6

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (BBC)
Matt Smith and Karen Gillan in Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol (BBC)

Starting off with a bang as fans saw the Doctor assassinated (well, not really) the twisting timeline of series 6 was a delicately arranged puzzlebox of Doctor Who storytelling.

Whether he was charging around the American desert, battling pirates, finally “meeting” the TARDIS or (in the separated second half of the series) facing nightmares, labyrinths and his own mistakes, the Eleventh Doctor was on top form throughout.

Series 7 (and specials)

Matt Smith’s final, split-up series as the Doctor was full of big moments, from the departure of longstanding companions Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill) and the introduction of Clara (Jenna Coleman) to the smash-hit anniversary special The Day of the Doctor.

Whether he was seeking out Dinosaurs on Spaceships, horrors in northern factories, deadly small cubes or evil Snowmen, the Eleventh Doctor went out in style. Just don’t ask him to wear sand shoes.

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Doctor Who returns to BBC One in late 2020