After the critical and commercial success of Chernobyl, HBO and Sky are co-producing another prestige show together – albeit one with a very different tone.


Avenue 5 is a science fiction comedy – not a common mix – looking at the mishaps that take place on the titular passenger space cruiser. And with an all-star cast, including plenty of British talent fronted by Hugh Laurie, it looks very promising.

Here's everything you need to know about Avenue 5...

When is Avenue 5 on TV?

The comedy will premiere in the UK on Sky One on Wednesday 22nd January at 10pm, three days after the US broadcast. Episodes will likely then air weekly.

What is Avenue 5 about?

Avenue 5 is a comedic look at the fictional space tourism industry, following Captain Ryan Clark as he tries to control his crew, navigate the Avenue 5 spaceship back to Earth and ensure that not too many passengers die along the way. Expect sharp one-liners, comedy acting legends and possibly the greatest special effects seen in a sitcom.

Who created Avenue 5?

King of political satire, British writer Armando Iannucci is the creator trying his hand at a very different type of comedy. He is best known for creating and writing The Thick of It, Veep and The Death of Stalin.

Who is in the cast of Avenue 5?

A rather suave-looking Hugh Laurie leads the series as Ryan Clark, the incompetent captain of the Avenue 5 spaceship. Dr Ken's Suzy Nakamura plays the ship's associate owner, with Frozen's Josh Gad as the playboy billionaire owner Herman Judd. Also starring are Rebecca Front, Zach Woods, Nikki Amuka-Bird and Yesterday's Himesh Patel.

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Is there a trailer for Avenue 5?


There is. Enjoy.