Arthur Darvill’s been channelling Doctor Who on Legends of Tomorrow

The wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff he's talking about sounds awfully familiar


Former Doctor Who companion Arthur Darvill is starring in a new time travel series, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and if there’s one thing that hasn’t escaped anyone’s notice it’s just how much like the Doctor his character Rip Hunter is.


I mean, the guy’s a Time Master and wears a big brown coat and speaks with a London accent and travels around in a space ship – come on.

Anyway, last night’s second episode saw Hunter delivering a bit of a lecture on time travel that sounded awfully familiar. Fixed points in time, anyone?

Oh, and his spaceship just so happens to be full of rooms that do amazing things. No joke.


You can decide for yourself just how much like the Doctor he is when Legends of Tomorrow airs on Sky1 in March.