An idea for David Tennant’s Tardis was recycled for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor Who series

Part of the design for the Ninth and Tenth Doctors’ Tardis got a rethink for the Thirteenth Doctor's new ship

The Ghost Monument

Jodie Whittaker’s new Tardis made its debut in Doctor Who series 11’s second episode, and fans were quick to offer their opinions on its crystal core, handy custard cream dispenser and cool new wall designs.


However, a few also noted its similarities to the Tardis design used in the series from 2005-2010, during the reign of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant’s Doctors – and according to the man behind the new ship interior, that’s partially because he was trying to put a new spin on the older model’s coral-like, organic elements.

“As it developed the series referred to [the Tardis] as having been grown,” Arwel Wyn Jones, who designed Whittaker’s ship and worked on the series during the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant years, told Radio Times during our exclusive tour of the new interior set.

“But it was still a metal structure where the coral had kind of grown over.”

And so for his new design, Jones decided to re-use the idea of having a natural, non-mechanical source of the Tardis’ power – but take it to a very different conclusion.

“I kind of tried to flip it, though the basis is kind of the same,” he said.

“To actually move through space and time you’d need an incredible amount of power, so we’re harnessing the power of this time crystal – it’s what actually now drives the Tardis.”

“The new design is harnessing nature, in a way. Where the metal bits have actually been used to try and contain a natural power source.

“So more like a Faraday cage, if you like,” he concluded.

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