After months (if not years) of waiting, Doctor Who fans finally got to see the inside of Jodie Whittaker’s new Tardis in series 11’s second episode – and it’s fair to say it did not disappoint.


Appearing at the episode’s conclusion, the new Tardis interior has been completely remodelled since the old design (created by the late Michael Pickwoad for Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi’s Doctors) was destroyed in the 2017 Christmas special, and it's revealed to viewers in an atmospheric scene that’s definitely one of the highlights of the Doctor’s latest adventure.

(The iconic blue police box exterior has also had some minor cosmetic changes, which you can read about here).

“Ohhh – you’ve redecorated!” the Doctor says as she takes her first steps inside.

“I REALLY like it.”

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Even at first glance, the new Tardis is quite a departure from designs past, with endless, shifting trans-dimensional walls, swirling wall screens behind glowing blue hexagonal panels and towering golden crystals that form bent “fingers” around the central time rotor (which is also a crystal of the same type). It's also quite dark and atmospheric, with the odd beam of light punching through the gloom to offer a little illumination for our heroes.

The centre of the new Doctor Who Tardis design (BBC)

Even the doors haven’t escaped the revamping talents of designer Arwel Wyn Jones, with the basic police-box entrance – which dropped a set of “inner doors” used during the classic series run in 2005 – extended with side walls, essentially meaning the “blue box” part of the Tardis is more a part of the inner design as well.

The console itself is as full of intriguing gadgets and controls as ever – we spotted a custard cream biscuit deliverer, an hourglass and even a tiny spinning Tardis during the episode – and overall it looks like the perfect home for the new Doctor’s adventures.

But of course, you want to know more. You want some exclusive details of how the new Tardis was designed, its inspirations, how it was built and all the secrets hidden within its cavernous walls – we get it.

And happily for you, it’s your lucky day – because from Tuesday 16th October, Radio Times magazine has an exclusive first look at the new Tardis in our latest cover feature, including interviews with Jodie Whittaker, Mandip Gill, Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole and designer Arwel Jones.

Featuring unseen pictures, exciting new details of the Tardis AND an in-depth history of its many iterations over the years, it’s a must-read for any Who fans looking for the inside scoop on the Doctor’s new motor (well, new incarnation of the same motor, anyway). Pick it up in UK shops from Tuesday, or buy the online version at your leisure.

Tardis secrets await you…

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