Jodie Whittaker’s second Doctor Who episode brought a lot of excitement to viewers as it sent our heroes to their first alien planet, introduced some intriguing mysteries and even introduced an all-new Tardis for the Doctor and co to enjoy.


And it’s fair to say that the episode brought about a lot of love on social media, kicking off when the series FINALLY debuted its opening credits after keeping them secret last week.

And as the episode went on, fans were mostly loving the story of the Ghost Monument, which saw the Tardis team investigate a planet called Desolation, battle off some creepy ribbon monsters and even included a callback to Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor and his “Venusian aikido” martial art.

But let’s be honest – there’s one moment in this episode that REALLY made a splash, and that was the long-awaited reveal of the Doctor’s new Tardis (it even trended on Twitter!)

And when fans did finally get to see the interior of the iconic blue box, it’s fair to say they weren’t disappointed.

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No, we’re not sensing much disappointment at all.

But the excitement doesn’t end there – because this week, Radio Times has been given an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of the new Tardis, including interviews with the cast, designer Arwel Wyn Jones and all sorts of juicy secrets from the set.

You can pick up the new issue from Tuesday 16th October – and just remember, this particular magazine is a lot bigger on the inside…

Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Sundays

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