Is Missy/the Master dead forever?



After deciding it was finally time to stand with the Doctor, Michelle Gomez's Missy slipped a sneaky blade between the ribs of John Simm's Master who, not to be outdone, hit her with a deadly beam from his laser screwdriver. "Don't bother trying to regenerate," he told her, "you got the full blast."

Will the Master’s line really end with Missy? Surely this is not the last we've seen of the rogue Time Lord. We have several theories about how he or she might return, including a high-tech equivalent of a bullet-proof vest, the Time Lord council, a secret regeneration and of course time travel…

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Could Bill come back?


How did Heather get into the Tardis?


The Tardis is known for being nigh on impenetrable to anyone without a key – and the Doctor only gives them out very sparingly. So how did Heather manage to get inside?

We've already seen the Doctor and Bill take refuge from Heather inside the Tardis in episode one, The Pilot. "Nothing gets through these doors," the Doctor assured Bill, and back then he was right.

So how was Heather able to get her and Bill inside, this time around? One possible answer is that, being the smart and empathetic piece of kit that she is, the Tardis sensed the Doctor, and realised he needed to be brought home to relative safety, and that those with him were there to help.

But is it also possible that Heather is now hi-tech and experienced enough to be able to breach Tardis security? Think about it: she can fly at light speed, travel in time and she knows how to pilot the Tardis – and since we last saw her she's clearly learned a lot. She now has free will, sentience and can speak. And she can even manipulate atoms to create life. To be honest, there's not a lot Heather can't do so if anyone can find a way to get past Tardis lockdown, it's her...

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What's going to happen to Nardole?


We last saw him leading Nazran and the children of level 507 to safety as the Cybermen attacked and there was a strong suggestion that, if he wanted it, there was romance on offer from Samantha Spiro's character.

Could the Doctor's faithful android manservant settle down and forge a life of his own? And is the door open for a return at some point in time? Doctor Who superfan Matt Lucas will certainly be hoping so...

So the Cybermen have originated on lots of different planets?

So it would seem. The Doctor mentions a number of different planets that he says have experienced their own genesis of the Cybermen. Earth's former twin of Mondas we already knew about – hence Mondasian Cybermen – and we knew they also began on Earth itself, in an alternate reality, courtesy of John Lumic's Cybus Industries.

Telos, Planet 14 (aka Sol XIV or Planet Sigma Gamma 14) and Marinus have all also come up before in relation to the Cybermen but what's interesting is that it's generally been thought that they were different names for the same planet (possibly because they were all connected with the Cybermen), whereas in naming them all independently, the Doctor suggests they are each different locations where the Cyberman have arisen due to parallel evolution.

“They always get started. They happen everywhere there’s people. Mondas, Telos, Earth, Planet 14, Marinus. Like sewage, smartphones and Donald Trump, some things are just inevitable.

“People, plus technology, minus humanity. The internet, cyberpsace, Cybermen. Aways read the comments because one day, they’ll be an army.”

Who was that at the end of the episode?


Just kidding. Obviously you know that the cloaked, hatted and scarfed figure calling himself the Doctor was the Doctor – the First Doctor to be precise, "the original you might say". You probably also know that he was played by David Bradley who was both the First Doctor and William Hartnell (the actor who portrayed him) in Mark Gatiss's drama about the genesis of Doctor Who, An Adventure in Space and Time. But do you know what other cult characters he's played – and can you name his other appearance in Doctor Who itself?

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Where was it?

Although there has been a lot of talk about Mondas this series – which we know is as harsh and inhospitable as the planet at the end of the episode appears to be – we actually think this is Earth at the South Pole, circa 1986.

Here's why...

What’s going to happen in the Christmas special?

We have quite a pleasing theory about this (if we do say so ourselves), involving Gallifrey, a classic Doctor Who episode, and a more recent one, that would tie things up very neatly. Read more about it here


We also wonder if it could involve a cameo for Bill.