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Watchmen show runner says show could return for season 2 - but there's a catch

"I hope there's more Watchmen. I don't think it should be me."

Published: Sunday, 31st May 2020 at 11:36 am

Watchmen showrunner Damon Lindelof has previously disparaged the idea of the hit series returning for a second season - until now.


Lindelof has said that he "hope[s]" that there's more Watchmen in the future, but (and here's the catch) that the HBO series would need a brand new showrunner to take over the reins.

"I would facilitate and embrace and do everything in my power to enable others to come forward and show their take on Watchmen," he said in an interview with

He added, "I hope there's more Watchmen. I don't think it should be me."

Earlier in the interview, he said, "It's immensely flattering to be in a position where people want more," before adding that "unless you've got the right idea, unless you're compelled to do it, unless you're compelled to say something new, I don't think that you should do it just because you did it once successfully."

He continued, "It took 30 years to kind of justify a continuation of Watchmen. Hopefully, it won't take 30 more. I really do think that there should be more Watchmen and soon. I just don't think that I should be the one doing it unless I'm like, 'I know exactly how to do so.'"


Fingers crossed a new showrunner steps up to the plate...


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