Netflix’s live-action adaptation of The Sandman has come to a dramatic end, with a rebuttal from Lucifer Morningstar leaving Morpheus/ Dream in a precarious position going forward.


Based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book series of the same name, which ran from 1989 to 1996, the Netflix show follows Morpheus as he’s captured by an occult group for a century.

His subsequent escape and return to the world of the dreaming brings him face to face with killer The Corinthian, Lucifer in Hell and a dangerous human host of the vortex.

But what happened to the various characters in the end and what could it mean for a potential second season? Read on for an explanation of The Sandman's season 1 finale.

The Sandman ending explained

What is Lucifer’s plan in The Sandman?

Lucifer star Tom Ellis and The Sandman actor Gwendoline Christie
Lucifer star Tom Ellis and The Sandman actor Gwendoline Christie Netflix

The final scene of The Sandman's first season takes us back to Hell, where we see Lucifer Morningstar still reeling from her defeat in a duel with Dream, for which she vows revenge.

Companion Mazikeen informs her that demon battles have been scheduled to lift her spirits, but Lucifer refuses the offer only to be faced with something even less pleasant – a meeting with Lord Azazel.

In the comic books, Azazel is one of three co-rulers of Hell, alongside Lucifer and the as-yet-unseen Beelzebub.

Inspired by a demon mentioned in the Bible, Azazel is depicted as a disembodied jumble of menacing eyes and sharp-toothed mouths, who communicates through a dark, jagged rift in space.

Here, he claims to be representing the "assembled lords of Hell" who have united in their hatred of Dream, pledging their armies to Lucifer and urging her to take over his realm.

"You wish to invade The Dreaming?" asks Lucifer. "And then perhaps the waking world? And, one day, even the Silver City?"

Azazel replies: "Precisely. Since none of us may leave Hell, we may as well expand its borders until Hell is all there is."

Lucifer promises to act on Azazel's advice, although secretly does not trust the ominous entity. When asked by Mazikeen what she plans to do next, the Lord of Hell has a most ominous response.

"Something that I have never done before. Something that will make God absolutely livid. And bring Morpheus to his knees," she reveals.

What does Lucifer's plan mean for The Sandman season 2?

Tom Sturridge as Dream, Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar in episode 104 of The Sandman
Tom Sturridge as Dream and Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer Morningstar in The Sandman. Laurence Cendrowicz/Netflix © 2022

This threatening scene heavily implies that, if The Sandman is renewed for a second season, it will begin by adapting collection four of Gaiman's graphic novel series, titled Season of Mists.

The story begins with Dream returning to Hell to retrieve a lover from millennia ago, Nada, who briefly appeared in the fourth episode, where she begged him for salvation after so long spent tortured in the underworld.

He refused her desperate pleas, much to the surprise of Matthew the Raven.

When Dream later returns to Hell to negotiate Nada's release, Lucifer ambushes him by releasing all of her demons and abdicating the throne immediately after to start a new life on Earth.

This development would catch The Sandman up to the premise of Lucifer's spin-off series, in which the former king opens a nightclub in Los Angeles called Lux.

It seems that this act of defiance is the gesture that will make God "livid" as most celestials agree she should remain confined to her designated realm, a matter previously explored in the Lucifer television show.

Who plays Azazel in The Sandman?

Roger Allam arriving at 'The Death Of Stalin' UK Premiere held at Curzon Chelsea
Roger Allam Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

In The Sandman, Azazel is voiced by actor Roger Allam, who viewers will know from such hit television shows as Endeavour, Game of Thrones, Ashes to Ashes, and The Thick of It.

Most recently, he starred in BritBox and ITV's Murder in Provence.

The Sandman is available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.


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