With filming on Good Omens season 3 not starting until January 2025, there's still a lot we don't know about what to expect from the upcoming run. However, we do now know something we shouldn't expect.


Creator Neil Gaiman has explained a scene that was originally planned for the proposed for the Good Omens sequel novel that he was once working on with the late Sir Terry Pratchett, but revealed why it won't be seen in season 3.

Gaiman was asked on Tumblr about the segment, which reportedly saw Aziraphale watching an adult film in a motel.

He explained: "It was a plot strand from the original sequel to Good Omens that cannot (alas) work any longer because hotel TVs no longer have little square units with buttons on top of them that give you access to the Pay Per View movies that the hotel is showing, after first showing you two free minutes.

"The plot strand involved Aziraphale trying to watch an entire movie for free in random two minute increments in order to understand the plot.

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"The movie was going to have been one of those heavily censored adult movies they showed on Pay Per View back then, and Aziraphale was on a strict budget."

Neil Gaiman photographed in a black tuxedo at an event
Neil Gaiman. Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for The Art of Elysium

Gaiman previously teased the plot for the show's third and final season, saying: "In season 3, we will deal once more with the end of the world. The plans for Armageddon are going wrong.

"Only Crowley and Aziraphale working together can hope to put it right. And they aren't talking."

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He also told TV Insider that the new season will be a return to the "high-paced, high stakes madness" of season 1, as opposed to the slower, romantic storyline of season 2.

He said: "I’m writing it currently, so I don’t know what I can say other than I got a video message from David Tennant this morning asking me where the scripts were."

Gaiman added: "It’s going to be fun. Some people that you love will be coming back; some that you expect, some that you don’t.

"And it’s more like the high-paced, high stakes madness of season 1, I think, than it is like the sort of gentle, romantic, funny, sweet season 2."

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