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Game of Thrones fans are coming up with hilariously terrible ways to end the show

"It ends with Danerys and Jon Snow, jumping high-five, freeze frame, fade to black as cheesy 1980s music plays"

Published: Thursday, 6th April 2017 at 4:13 pm

Winter is here. The White Walkers are on the march. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros will fight a war like no other. How will the final season of Game of Thrones resolve all of this? Bran wakes up, and we discover everything we’ve seen in the show was one big dream.


That’s the first suggestion on a thread begun by that redditor shaylw, which asks: “What’s the worst way they could end Game of Thrones?” And it’s a question fans have many downright terrible answers for. The best of which include…

“With the realisation Ser Davos was reading the entire thing from a book.”

"Turns out the whole story was just a sea-crazed figment of Gendry's imagination as he slowly slips into madness from rowing season after season after season..."

"Bran uses his abilities to tell his dad in the past not to go with Robert and he listens and then its like nothing ever happened."

Littlefinger has won it all and sits on the Iron Throne. He leans back, flips on some shades, and says, 'I could get used to this.' Cut to black."

"Danerys and Jon Snow, jumping high-five, freeze frame, fade to black as cheesy 1980s music plays."

The end credits go immediately into the title sequence in reverse, which eventually pulls back to reveal Hot Pie’s face. He stands up when he hears the familiar modern sound of an oven beginning to beep. The camera pans around and we see a gigantic table of our favorite characters in hipster clothes, gathered around a game board consisting of the map of Westeros. Hot Pie takes the dice from Sansa and puts them down on the table. “Someone roll for me, I have to check the roast.” Cuts to black.

Meanwhile, many see the finale revealing Thrones' ties to other hit shows...

"Littlefinger and Varys are the only guests. Everyone else are hosts."

"Winter has come. Jon Snow, alone, sets sail to sea in a blistering storm, surely to die. Flash forward, modern day Oregon. We see a figure chopping away at a large tree with an axe. It is Jon Snow, now a lumberjack..."

"Tyrion: "computer stop program". Tyrion exits through a door onto the corridor of a starfleet ship."

Although some have thought of a brutal ending worthy of Thrones author George RR Martin…

“Jon and Dany team up and defeat the white walkers. At the end of the episode they celebrate with all their companions over a feast. The sandsnakes murder everyone at the feast and take the iron throne. They start to hiss together as it fades to black.”

"White Walkers kill everyone."

And then there are endings even more disturbing...

"Jon Snow, bleeding out at Daenerys' feet: 'but Why?'

D: 'these violent delights have violent ends'

Camera pans out, and out, and out, until Wessos is a map on giant table. Bernard standing over the table with Melisandre, as a naked Joffrey-host walks up and offers them a tray of hors d'oeuvres"


Think you’ve got a worse way to end Game of Thrones? Leave your idea in the comments below (unless if it involves naked Joff, thanks very much).


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