Did Natalie Dormer just drop a sly hint about the fate of a certain crow...?

The 34-year-old Game of Thrones star, who plays Margaery Tyrell in the hit fantasy drama, used the words "fresh snow" when describing the upcoming sixth season.

"The TV show really is going to be unchartered territory... fresh snow," Dormer said on last night's The One Snow.

Her interviewers and fellow guests failed to notice the potential cryptic clue but it's got us all excited.

Was it a hint that Jon Snow isn't as dead as the explosive series five finale made him look? Perhaps a clue that the leader of the Night's Watch will be resurrected, as fan theories predict?

Season 6 of #GameOfThrones is going to be "uncharted territory...fresh snow" says Natalie Dormer https://t.co/7QGzbewcyY

— BBC The One Show (@BBCTheOneShow) April 20, 2016

It looks like we'll have to wait until Monday to find out, as Dormer insists she doesn't actually know the fate of her fellow Throners. "I choose purposefully not to read other people's storylines," she said. "I watched the first season completely as an audience member, as a fan, because I didn't' join until the second year. So I still enjoy being just a fan. I don't read my co-stars storylines. I'm going to be sitting there on Monday night watching like everybody else."

Game of Thrones season six starts on Sky Atlantic on Monday at 2am and 9pm