If you’re a TV buff or a podcast fanatic, it’s hard to ignore the fact that true crime is having a real moment. But what is it about the genre that keeps us coming back for more?


You may want to learn about crimes that have taken place in your city or maybe you’re simply fascinated by the inner workings of a killer. But, for many viewers, it’s all about watching cases unfold as quick-witted detectives try to crack what seem like unsolvable crimes.

New Scotland Yard Files, one of the latest gripping true crime shows from CBS Reality, gives you unrestricted access to some of London’s top detectives and their murder case files, revealing how they caught some of the capital’s most high-profile killers by following the ABC of the detective world: Accept nothing; Believe nobody; Challenge everything.

Former detective Peter Bleksley (of Hunted fame) will walk you through the twists and turns of notorious murder cases in extraordinary detail. And along with the detectives, you’ll hear from the journalists who covered the stories, the criminologists who analysed the motives of the murderers, and the forensic teams who discovered the evidence.

Plus, with unprecedented access to ITN Productions’ news archives, reconstructions and interviews, you’ll feel like you’re standing there right beside the detectives. It’s absorbing yet chilling viewing.

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Murder investigation scene

Want to know what you can expect from New Scotland Yard Files? Take a sneak peek at some of the most shocking episodes…

Episode 9: The murder of Geeta Aulakh

Mother of two, Geeta Aulakh, was brutally killed with a machete while on her way to pick up her children in west London. There were no witnesses to the horrific attack, but there was finally a breakthrough in the case when an informant came forward to New Scotland Yard detectives to say he may have unwittingly been involved in the murder. With the help of phone records and other incriminating evidence, the police found and eventually convicted the killer, but what was it that drove them to commit such an awful crime?

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Episode 10: The Murder of Cathy Marlow

New Zealander Cathy Marlow was living and working in London when she was due to meet a friend for lunch, one Saturday. When she didn’t show up, her concerned friend raised the alarm. Sadly, Cathy’s body was discovered in her office soon after. She had been bludgeoned to death and strangled with her own scarf. Dogged police work eventually helped them to identify the perpetrator, and with enough evidence they were able to convict them. But what exactly happened?

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