Who Wants to Be a Millionaire contestant wins £500K after reaching million pound question

The high stakes quiz show gave out one of its biggest prizes in recent memory


A contestant on Who Wants to be a Millionaire stormed all the way to the million pound question last night, but fell short of taking home the show’s incredible jackpot last night.


Andrew Townsley, a retired doctor, easily answered the first set of questions, impressively banking £64,000 without using a single lifeline.

For the £125,000 question, Townsley used his “Ask The Host” lifeline to get Jeremy Clarkson’s input on a geography question and by the time he reached the million pound question, all he had left was his “Phone a Friend”.

The question was about motor sport, asking which of these iconic races was held first: Le Mans 24 Hours, Monaco Grand Prix, Indy 500, Isle of Man TT.

Townsley chose to call his friend, Ailsa, and requested she not be told the huge amount of money resting on her answer.

She said: “I’ve got absolutely no idea, Andrew. I’d absolutely be guessing, I’m so sorry.”

With no other options at his disposal, he chose to secure his £500,000 prize rather than risk it all on a guess, making him one of the highest winning contestants in recent history.

After ending his game, Clarkson asked which guess Townsley would have gone with and found that he would have gone correct with Isle of Man TT.

Nonetheless, it was a fantastic result and many viewers on Twitter respected his decision not to risk such a huge prize on a mere gamble.

Check out the full nerve-wracking exchange below…


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