Weather forecaster crams Superman and Batman puns into her morning report

Sian Welby strikes again after impressing with her Star Wars-themed report earlier in the year


Channel 5 weather forecaster Sian Welby isn’t one for a simple morning report. Earlier in the year one of her forecasts went viral after she managed to sneak in a whole load of Star Wars puns. Now, she’s at it again, this time with a report jam-packed with Superman and Batman puns, tied to the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.


You’ll need “X-ray vision” to see through the fog she said before warning rain will “Affleck Northern Ireland”.

Listen out for this beauty: “If you’re going on a car trip tonight, just be aware that things will Gotham bad to worse” and she ends the promise of rain with a sarcastic and well-timed, “super!”

There’s twenty in there and Welby is still waiting for someone to get them all.


So pun-lovers, here’s your weekend test: