Watch a 17-year-old James Corden interview Meat Loaf

TBT to the days when the Late Late Show host was an awkward teenager meeting a rock star


We all start somewhere. Even chat show hosts cruising around Los Angeles singing karaoke with the likes of Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder and Justin Bieber.


For James Corden, it all began on BBC1’s Good Morning with Anne and Nick, way back in 1995. The daytime show gave young talent the chance to interview the likes of Meat Loaf over breakfast in swanky London hotels – so along trotted 17-year-old James to MEAT his idol.

The interview itself is rather adorable, as a clearly nervous James queries the rock star over eggs and bacon. He even gets some valuable words of advice for his burgeoning music career – yup, Corden’s early dreams of stardom began with his band.


Little did he know they would lead him to the grounds of the White House belting out Beyoncé with the First Lady.