The X Factor is back with a brand new look for 2019.


Instead of our usual gaggle of wannabes auditioning up and down the country in a bid to impress Simon Cowell and co, it’s now time for the celebrities to face the music.

And Cowell is taking the celebrity spin-off version just as seriously as he would the civilian edition, reportedly putting £3 million aside for finding big celebs, and offering the winner a serious record deal.

“Simon knows that getting the right stars to enter is the key to its success, so to make that more appealing he’s decided to put a proper record deal with Syco on the table for the winner — with serious money behind it," an insider told The Sun. "It’s a proper competition and they want people who can really sing but who are big personalities too."

So which celebrities will be hoping to hit the right notes? Here

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The X Factor: Celebrity line-up

Here are our 15 confirmed celebs.

The reality TV star - Megan McKenna: While the show claims to have celebrities not known for their singing, Megan McKenna has previously released a country-based single, and has travelled to Nashville to fine-tune her vocal talents.

The actor - Kevin McHale: We're not as sure about this one, but the former Glee star has previously been rumoured, so he may fit the bill.

The journalist - Martin Bashir: According to MailOnline, the journalist, who previously interviewed Princess Diana and Michael Jackson, is the surprise star of this year's show. "Bashir is a natural performer and has surprised everyone with a strong singing voice," a source said.

The sports stars - Thom Evans, Ben Foden and Levi Davis: With Foden having previously missed a day's training to audition for Pop Idol, Evans previously being in a boy band and Davis having studied music and performing arts, these rugby boys may surprise us by showing their secret singing side...

The actress - Victoria Ekanoye: Claiming that singing was her first love, the former Coronation Street star bowed out of the soap at the start of the year - could she win a place in our hearts with her surprising singing voice?

The Islanders - Eyal, Wes, Samira and Zara: With Samira's previous West End experience, Eyal's time in a boyband, Wes's smooth dance moves and Zara's general good looks and charm, could the Love Island series 4 contestants pose a quadruple threat?

The footballing legend and actor - Vinnie Jones: The footie hardman, who previously played for Chelsea and captained the Welsh side, turned this hand to acting following his successful career. Having previously starred in Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, will his singing voice be as impressive as his football and acting skills?

The quiz champion - Jenny Ryan: Best known as The Vixen on The Chase, Jenny is hoping to prove she's more than just a brainbox. "Am I good enough? This is the ultimate test," she says in the trailer.

The social media stars - Max and Harvey: Having risen to fame on social media app, Max and Harvey are giving X Factor Celebrity a try, according to the Mirror. The pair's significant following saw them land their very own CBBC show, but will X Factor Celebrity see them land a record contract?

The soap star - Jonny Labey: The soap star, who played Paul Coker in EastEnders, has previously been rumoured for the show. As a nod to his former character, Jonny walks past a pub called The Queen Vic in the trailer.

The influencers: According to reports, a Latin American girl group, with a combined total of 10 million followers, are hoping to impress Cowell and co.

OUT: The pro-dancer and actor - Brendan Cole and Jeremy Edwards: The close pals are teaming up to take on the judges in an attempt to win the competition.

OUT: The model and actress - Hayley Hasselhoff: The daughter of David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach is thought to be making her debut on the talent show, describing this as "her big shot."

OUT: The film star - Olivia Olson: You may recognise Olivia from Love Actually, the little kid who stunned her school with her powerful singing voice at the nativity. Will her voice still be a knockout?


OUT: The talk show host - Ricki Lake: The Mirror revealed that the former talk show host will be picking up the mic once again, only to show off a different side to her voice.