Eight more acts will have their chance to sing, dance and entertain the judges as they compete for a place in the Britain's Got Talent final alongside Matt Edwards, Issy Simpson, Kyle Tomlinson, and DNA.

Find out who's performing in tonight's show below, and check out the complete list of BGT 2017 semi-finalists here.

David Geaney

David Geaney may be a 22-year-old student who works in his family pub in Ireland, but he is also a five times World Champion Irish dancer with ambitions to conquer the entertainment world. In his audition he used the stage's screen at the back to conjure up a whole team of Davids dancing completely in time, seriously impressing the judges and the audience.

Jay Wynn

Simon Cowell loved those dancing Stormtroopers on last year's show, but he was less impressed by Jay Wynn – whose act involves singing while dressed in a giant robot costume. In his audition he performed A-ha's Take On Me, and while Simon wasn't impressed, the rest of the judges loved the performance.

Josephine Lee

Magician Josephine Lee wowed the judges with her incredible illusions, which seemed to be impossible. But the entertainer told RadioTimes.com that she wasn't cutting corners and definitely doesn't have a twin.

London School of Bollywood

The London School of Bollywood aren't just excellent dancers. This troupe of 18 to 26-year-olds put a twist on things at the auditions, introducing a male dancer in a skirt and lipstick dancing with the women.

Martin and Faye

This father-daughter singing duo can't be separated, despite Simon's best efforts. The Britain's Got Talent judge suggested 10-year-old Faye would work better as a solo performer, but she has stayed true to her dad and the two will be returning to the stage to show off their operatic talents as a twosome.

Ned Woodman

Ned Woodman may only be eight, but he has already honed the art of the comic insult. At the auditions he made the audience laugh with his routine laying into the BGT judges.

Sarah Ikumu

Sarah Ikumu, 15, might be in year 11 and studying for her GCSEs – but she earned Simon's coveted Golden Buzzer with her staggering rendition of I Am Telling You, the song made famous by Jennifer Holliday and Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls.

Tokio Myers

Tokio Myers had the BGT judges completely in the palm of his hand with his classical mash-up, featuring Debussy and Ed Sheeran.

The third Britain's Got Talent semi-final will air 7.30-9pm on ITV, with the results show at 9.30-10pm