After Josephine Lee pulled off an incredible illusion on Saturday night’s Britain’s Got Talent, social media was soon flooded with people trying to figure how just how she did it.


After seemingly disappearing inside a box and then appearing from underneath a sheet in the middle of the stage, the most popular theory to emerge online was that Josephine has a twin – a notion she shut down when put it to her:

“No, I can assure you I’ve definitely not got a twin,” she said. “My job would be a lot easier as a magician if I did have a twin!

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the past few days scanning through Twitter and seeing all the theories from people trying to work out how everything’s done,” she continued.

“It’s been really interesting for me actually to see all these comments. You’re always going to get people who are going to sit there and analyse – that’s just the way it is. As a magician, I think you’re kind of prepared for that. Also, if you didn’t have those people who are going to work it out, it almost wouldn’t be as fun!”

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She also admitted that it is difficult being a magician on TV these days what with everyone being able to pause and rewind and share their thoughts on social media.

“Unless you are 100% sure that what you are going to do is going to be perfect, then it’s dangerous to put anything out there,” she said. “That people can go back and rewind and pause and look at. Especially with social media nowadays, it’s everywhere but you have to be confident, you have to make sure you’re at the top of your game.”

When it comes to planning her next performance, Josephine says she is “definitely going to make a statement” with what she does and that she already has “a few ideas”.

After earning four yeses, she said “we’ll have to wait and see” when asked whether she’ll be getting the judges involved when she returns to the BGT stage, but that she would probably stop short at cutting Simon Cowell in half.

“I think I’d never work again if I cut Simon in half!” she laughed. “He might ban me from ever working again!”


Britain's Got Talent continues next Saturday May 6 at 8pm on ITV.