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The Masked Singer judges open up about the "secrecy" of the ITV show ahead of season 2 return

New judge Mo Gilligan says the eccentric music show is "proper secret".

The Masked Singer season 2
Published: Friday, 4th December 2020 at 12:01 am

The wildest music show on TV, The Masked Singer, will return to ITV on Boxing Day.


And it sounds like the competition - which sees celebs singing while disguised in some bizarre costumes - isn't giving anything away this series.

The show prides itself on its level of secrecy, with viewers not finding out who is behind the mask until the contestant is eliminated, and it's only being ramped up for series two.

During an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show - which will air on Saturday 5th December - new judge Mo Gilligan admitted: “It’s proper secret."

The show's host Joel Dommett added: "They have hoodies on that say ‘don’t talk to me’ when they’re not in their costume.

“I said, ‘Can I have one of those hoodies?’ They sent me a hoodie. It’s really comfy. I didn’t think about it and I wore it out of the house. People are seeing me and I can see that they’re going, ‘There’s that Joel Dommett, he thinks he’s a bit big time.’”

The new series will air on December 26th, and will see Mo take over from Ken Jeong, who is currently in the US and unable to join the panel due to travel restrictions caused by the coronavirus.

Mo will join Jonathan Ross, Rita Ora and Davina McCall on the judging panel.

Speaking of his addition, Davina said: "I love Mo. You make me laugh. When you start laughing, I laugh. You preempt all your stories with a laugh. I love it, I just love being around you, you laugh non-stop.”

With it being his first time on the zany show, it has taken the comedian some getting used to, with Joel saying: "You can’t describe what it’s like in that studio when that first one comes out like a badger in this mad costume. I just remember seeing your face [Mo], like, ‘Oh my god this is amazing.’”

Mo Gilligan
Mo Gilligan Getty

Mo continued: "The costumes are so, so good. There’s someone in there singing and they’re dancing. The people are changing their voice as well. Even to be part of it was a huge honour. Working with you guys. For me I was like, wow this is a big deal.”

ITV recently revealed the new The Masked Singer contestants, including Alien, Sausage, Grandfather Clock and many more.

And the guessing has already started amongst the judges, with Mo using his detective skills to piece together who is behind each mask.

He said: “They’re really good, I think that’s what the hardest thing is. These people are amazing singers. Day One, I was like, ‘I think I know who this person is.’ Then at home I was like, let me google that person, see what they’re doing. You really want to know who it is.”

masked singer season 2
The Masked Singer season 2 contestants

Joel admitted he didn’t know who Alan Johnson was when he removed his mask on series one. But there’s no chance of that happening this year with Davina adding: “Not at all.”

Jonathan said: “We know who it is, I don’t think it’ll be the case. There’s some real surprises in there.”


The Jonathan Ross Show is on ITV on Saturday 5th December at 9:30pm. The Masked Singer returns to ITV on Boxing Day. Looking for something to watch? Find out what is on with our TV Guide


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