Last night's Britain's Got Talent finale saw comedian Viggo Venn emerge as a surprise winner, beating out competition including runners up Lillianna Clifton and Cillian O'Connor.


The Norwegian comedian got big laughs during his performance earlier in the final, but as Ant and Dec spoke with him after announcing his victory, boos could be heard from the audience.

Venn carried on through the boos, saying "thank you so much everyone who voted for me", before shouting "you want more?" and performing his trademark move, ripping off a high-vis jacket and dancing around the stage.

Meanwhile, audience members could also be seen twirling their own high-vis jackets as he left the stage, before sliding back on, appearing to knock Ant over in the process.

Some Twitter users also registered their lack of enthusiasm for the winning act, with one saying: "The crowd booing says it all how an earth did this act win its an embarrassment there was so much better deserving talent on that stage tonight BGT this year has been an utter joke".

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However, another said: "It was a brilliant final, strongest one I can remember. My personal fave was Musa, but well done Viggo, the great British public obviously love you, and you made me laugh. All contestants deserve a career after this."

Another felt the boos were "distasteful", saying they were "very surprised" at the win but that "Viggo was very funny".

They continued: "Very distasteful for anyone to boo Viggo. Not his fault he won, people voted for him, not anyone else. Made it a sour end thanks to the audience reaction. Well done, Viggo!!!"

This year saw Bruno Tonioli join the judging panel, replacing David Walliams. Ahead of the season airing, Tonioli admitted that he "had never seen" the show before, adding that "Simon has teased me to death about it".

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