Now that BBC Three's gay dating show I Kissed a Boy has come to an end, and proved hugely popular with viewers, the channel has listened to those asking for a spin-off series, and have confirmed that I Kissed a Girl is on the way.


After the final episode aired last night, an announcement revealed that the new show was on the way, and presenter Dannii Minogue posted an excited video on Twitter capturing the moment.

Casting is now open (you can apply here), with the description reading: "The UK's first ever gay dating show, I Kissed a Boy has taken off. Now… Dannii Minogue is back to play cupid… for girls who like girls.

"Are you a single girl looking for love? Are you ready for a summer of romance? Could you be free to travel in September 2023? Apply now."

Ahead of I Kissed a Boy airing, Minogue criticised dating shows that exclude LGBTQ+ contestants, saying: "It's confusing to me why so many people are asking for it but then nobody was making this show.

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"I think so many people have been wanting a gay dating show. There are so many comments that I've read over the years – 'Our brand of dating show, it's not going to include that, it's never gonna happen.'

"And it's confusing to me why so many people are asking for it but then nobody was making this show. I actually got asked yesterday, 'Had you been asked to do a lot of other shows like this and this was the first one you said yes to?' and I was like, 'No, this is the first time that's ever come up.' So I think a lot of people wanted it, but it just wasn't happening."

The first season of I Kissed a Boy may now be at an end, but there's still the reunion show to come, which will air on Sunday 11th June.

This will see Minogue get an update from the boys, finding out about their love lives, their new-found fame and any lingering chemistry.

I Kissed A Boy: The Reunion airs on Sunday 11th June at 6am on BBC iPlayer and 9pm on BBC Three. Check out more of our Entertainment coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what else is on.

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