Ant and Dec had the best response to Jeremy Corbyn’s failure to recognise them

Oh, you guys


Yesterday’s Labour leadership debate between Jeremy Corbyn and challenger Owen Smith had a surprisingly offbeat pop culture twist, when Corbyn revealed that he had a significant blind spot when it came to mainstream entertainment – he has no idea who Ant and Dec are.


Presented with a picture of the Britain’s Got Talent and I’m a Celebrity hosts by the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, Corbyn looked pensive, and eventually said: “I cannot name them, I’m really sorry.”

For the last day, a nation has seethed in outrage to hear two national treasures so callously disregarded – but now the men themselves have responded to the whole kerfuffle, and it’s with the characteristic cheekiness that has endeared them to UK audiences all this time.


See, Jeremy? This is the kind of fun you’ve been missing out on. Sort yourself out.