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Romance is seriously hotting up between CBB's Ginuwine and Ashley James

First there was flirting and now Ginuwine and Ashley are – gasp – holding hands!

Ginuwine and Ashley on Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Published: Tuesday, 9th January 2018 at 9:15 pm

This is the Celebrity Big Brother romance we did not see coming, but 90s singer Ginuwine and former Made in Chelsea star Ashley James have taken their flirting up a gear.


Things are hotting up with the pair as they are seen holding hands and exchanging longing looks on the sofa during Tuesday's episode of the Channel 5 show.

Ashley and Ginuwine are caught entwining their hands as they listen to Daniel O'Reilly talking about a film called Fanged Up that he wants to make about vampires and prison (don't ask).

Although it seemed like they were doing their best to be discreet, the couple couldn't escape the beady eyes of Rachel Johnson. Later in the kitchen, Rachel says how she saw them holding hands on the sofa.

With her ears burning, Ashley runs over to see what her bed fellow Rachel and Ginuwine are talking about as Rachel exclaims "I'm not giving up my bed for Ginuwine!" and that she's going to "carry on cock blocking."

All a nervous Ginuwine can say is "Ashley is a nice young lady..."

Although later in the Diary Room, Ginuwine's a bit more vocal as he opens up about his feelings for the reality TV star and DJ, explaining that he made "a great connection" with Ashley the previous night and that she had already planned a visit to the States.

"She will probably be a friend that I'm going to probably talk to...a lot..." he explained, rather coyly.

"For some reason we just ended up on the couch for hours last night talking, so we definitely really made some type of connection. Friends, I don't know, whatever, but we really made a nice connection and I liked that."

Sounds a bit more than friends to us. Especially when he then explains that he is a person who "wants to be friends first before anything else."

"You never know what could happen, you might find us kissing in the spa... who knows!"


Celebrity Big Brother airs 9pm on Channel 5.


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