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Who is Rachel Johnson? Celebrity Big Brother 2018 contestant profile

Everything you need to know about the journalist, winner of the Bad Sex Award and sister of Boris Johnson

Published: Wednesday, 17th January 2018 at 5:49 pm

Name: Rachel Johnson


Age: 52

Twitter: @RachelSJohnson

Best known for: She's a journalist, author and TV presenter in her own right, but you'll best know her as the sister of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

Bio: Daughter of former Conservative MEP and I’m a Celeb patriarch Stanley Johnson, Rachel started out a journalist at the Financial Times, the first female graduate trainee at the paper.

Since then she’s penned columns for The Sunday Telegraph, The Daily Telegraph, the Evening Standard. She continues to write for The Mail on Sunday and The Big Issue.

In 2009, Johnson became editor of The Lady magazine, the longest-running weekly women's mag – a post she held for three years.

One of Johnson’s finest achievements, however, came in 2008, where she picked up the Bad Sex award (don’t worry, it’s just a writing prize). The Literary Review's annual achievement was gifted to Johnson’s novel Shire Hell, which compared a character’s "light fingers" to "a moth caught inside a lampshade", and their tongue to "a cat lapping up a dish of cream so as not to miss a single drop". Hmm.

Moving on swiftly: Johnson’s also presented several TV shows, including BBC4’s How to Be a Lady: An Elegant History. You can also catch her as a panellist on Sky News' weekly debate show, The Pledge.


She's also been on a celebrity blind date with Nigel Farage for BBC News. It's as hard to watch as it sounds.


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