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Celebrity Big Brother: Are you Team Andrew or Team India?

Things got very heated in the CBB house during a row about drag artists - but whose side were you on?

Celebrity Big Brother Andrew Brady India Willoughby
Published: Tuesday, 9th January 2018 at 8:38 pm

Celebrity Big Brother 2018 experienced its biggest row yet during Monday's episode when India Willoughby and Andrew Brady clashed over Andrew's decision to dress in drag.


Shane Jenek revealed that he wanted to give one of the housemates a makeover a la his own drag persona Courtney Act, and Andrew volunteered himself.

"You know how India said she was afraid of drag queens?" said Shane as he started making over Andrew. "This is the sort of drag queen she's going to be afraid of."

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (C5)

Previously India had said she had a “weird phobia” of drag artists, although images from May 2017 have surfaced on social media showing her happily posing with several drag queens at a Pride event...

Sitting in the lounge as Andrew underwent his makeover, India said: "This is going to freak me out guys, I'll just be honest before it turns up. Just so you don't think I'm being funny... I don't know if you know I have a bit of a phobia about drag queens. My heart is racing. As long as he doesn't pester me... and it's nothing personal against Andrew.

"I've got my shades on, I'm going to shut my eyes."

Malika Haqq then interjected that no-one could force India to pay attention and that she could go into another room if she wanted to.

"I might do," replied India. "I'm just conscious I don't want it to look like homophobia because it's not that. It's just the drag act..."

Malika replied: "Well you don't have to explain it, those are your feelings. I don't think you have to even be confronted with it if it bothers you, I would just exit stage left."

"I'll see how I get on," replied India. As Andrew entered the room as Betty, everyone cheered and Wayne Sleep laughed that he was "enough to turn me straight".

However India remained silent as several housemates tried to comfort her. Shane J asked if she was having a "traumatic response" to seeing Andrew, but got no response. When Ashley James asked if she wanted to talk about what was happening India began crying and left to go into the bedroom.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (C5)

Later, Andrew talked to Shane J in the store room and said that if he were to stay as Betty all night, "India wouldn't partake in anything" and so he said he would take off the clothes and make-up so she would feel more comfortable.

By around midnight, India felt ready to talk to the group and came back into the living room.

"I want to explain why that upset me," she said. As Rachel Johnson asked what it was, India replied: "When the drag queen came in."

Andrew said he didn't want it to upset India, to which she replied "well, it did" and revealed she'd been crying. When Ginuwine asked why, India said: "I am a woman... I know what you think," as she gestured towards the US musician. "Not a special type of woman – a woman, OK?

"A man walking in a room in a dress inviting laughter and everyone laughing at it upsets me particularly just because of my background," added India.

"I've got something called gender dysphoria," she continued, "Which is something that you can only resolve really with medical intervention and that's what I've had to do. So somebody coming in dressed that way freaks me out. I know it doesn't freak anyone else out because none of you have gender dysphoria – it's not an issue for you whatsoever.

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (C5)

"Transgender people with gender dysphoria have suffered over the years, a lot of laughter," added India. "And I know it's not meant that way, that people who perform drag don't do it intentionally – probably like in the old days when the black and white minstrels used to put on a show and everyone would laugh and cheer and it was the top-rated show in the country, but obviously black people would find that offensive as well. I just want to make it apparent to you why I got upset."

Andrew then said that as a "heterosexual male from the north" he wanted to "break that gender barrier between a heterosexual male drinking beer down the pub called Dan and Dave, and bring in this heterosexual male who's comfortable with himself..." although India then cut him off, saying "I have no idea what you're talking about if I'm honest".

Rachel backed up Andrew saying it was about "different representations of masculinity" and that Andrew "thought he was doing something positive" before reiterating to India "you're a woman".

But India retorted: "These guys don't see me as a woman though, Rachel," and singled out Ginuwine, to which Andrew said "you're putting words into his mouth".

"It's what you do when you go away and you think in your head," continued India, which prompted Ginuwine to pull this face:

Celebrity Big Brother 2018
Celebrity Big Brother 2018 (C5)

Eventually Andrew stood up and said: "I can't be arsed with this – I'm done, f**k it," and walked into the garden, as India said: "On your bike".

In the garden, Andrew ranted: "Dickhead. F**king do a good thing, apologise, take the f**king make-up off and you still get f**king victimised and shit. F**k you, you prick."


Celebrity Big Brother airs 9pm on Channel 5


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