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Apprentice star Andrew Brady looks phenomenal after a drag makeover by Shane Jenek on Celebrity Big Brother

Shane has a protégé - but India's not happy

Published: Monday, 8th January 2018 at 5:07 pm

Meet Betty Swollocks.


In tonight's Celebrity Big Brother, former Apprentice star Andrew Brady has a complete makeover courtesy of Shane Jenek and reveals an incredible new look to the housemates.

Walking into the living room to cheers, Andrew says "how mad is that? What a transformation" as he tells Shane that he has done an "unbelievable job" in turning him into Betty.

Andrew also says that he has "so much respect for you girls now" after spending two and a half hours undergoing the makeover.

The housemates are elated to see Andrew make his debut as Betty... well, all of them apart from (you guessed it) India Willoughby, who previously said she had a "weird phobia" of drag queens and had this reaction to Andrew's makeover:

Celebrity Big Brother India Willoughby
Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 5)

Shane then asks India if she's having a "traumatic response" to Betty, and India remains silent as other housemates ask her if she's OK. Jess Impiazzi can then be heard whispering "it's going to kick off, isn't it?"

We'll have to wait until tonight's episode to see whether Jess is right and if Betty's arrival will cause yet another argument in the house...


Celebrity Big Brother airs 9pm on Channel 5


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