Why did Bruce Forsyth spend a lot of his time on Strictly Come Dancing “hiding behind a pillar”?

Despite his love for Strictly, there are some things the 87-year-old entertainer doesn't miss about the show...

Leaving Strictly Come Dancing after 11 years must have been a culture shock for Sir Bruce Forsyth. No more glitter stuck to the bottom of his shoes, no more clouds of hairspray or fake tan on tap. 


There are, however, things the entertainer doesn’t miss about his Saturday night gig. 

“I never got used to the audience being so remote,” the 87-year-old star told crowds at the Radio Times Festival yesterday. 

As a man who built a career out of encouraging audience participation, Forsyth said he could barely see the viewers in the studio, who were either metres in front of him, or hidden behind him.

In fact, he admitted that he didn’t see that much of the dances either, revealing that he spent a lot of the live shows “hiding behind a pillar” so as not to be in shot. 

Panel host Susanna Reid, who competed in Strictly’s 11th series, then laughed, asking Brucie why he used to tell all the celebrity dancers that they were his favourites then?

“I hadn’t seen a bloody thing!” he laughed. 


Brucie will be returning for Strictly’s Comic Relief and Christmas specials this year. So keep your eyes peeled for any glimpses of him peering out from behind pillars!

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