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Bruce Forsyth on what's wrong with TV today - and why he's glad he's not starting out in comedy now

"You don't see any performers working together," laments the former Strictly Come Dancing host

Published: Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 5:10 pm

King of show business Bruce Forsyth looked back at his impressive decades-spanning career at the Radio Times Festival on Sunday. 


In between telling jokes and sharing anecdotes about his years in the limelight, the 87-year-old took a few minutes to have his say on what he thinks is wrong with TV today. 

"You don't see any performers working together," he said, recalling the times he took to the stage with the likes of Norman Wisdom and the late Cilla Black. 

Acknowledging the fact that lots of famous faces appear alongside each other on chat shows nowadays, the star insisted that it's not the same as performers doing sketches together or working collaboratively. 

"I'd hate to be going into showbiz as a young man now," Forsyth continued. "Instant fame wouldn't have been my scene."

He also said that comedy clubs, where lots of young performers and comedians get their break, are "very abrasive... I don't think I would have fitted in." 

Brucie also touched on another phenomenon of the modern TV age: the selfie.


"They are the bane of the business at the moment," he said, admitting to pulling grumpy faces so people would stop asking him to be in them. 


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