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Who is Sam Gowland? The Love Island contestant is back - and says he has "unfinished business" in the villa

He's looking forward to seeing everyone wants to get close to Tyla and Georgia on the island

Published: Monday, 17th July 2017 at 8:04 pm

Love Island 2017 contestants: Sam Gowland


Age: 21

Twitter: @SamGowland123

Instagram: samgowland

Occupation: Oil rig worker

From: Middlesborough

Sam is back in the villa - and says it's "surreal": "It is an exciting feeling, it’s a little bit surreal to be honest. I’m excited to see what might happen, I’ve got some unfinished business in there to attend to."

Seeing as he had a thing with Montana, Olivia and Tyla and been coupled up with Camilla during his time in the villa, what unfinished business is he referring to? 

"I’d been in five of the seven beds last time so there are two more to complete the set! On a serious note, I’m going to go in there and I’ve got my eye on Tyla and Georgia, depending who I get on with best."

Olivia and Sam - before she got 'the ick'

Either way, he doesn't seem fussy: "Tyla was in the villa last time and we got on but we just didn’t get enough time to couple up. Georgia is the new girl but since I’ve seen her, I’ve thought, ‘She is definitely a bit of me.’"

And this time he's in it to win it: "It’s a competition and I want to win the competition. The chance to potentially win the competition, go in there and find love is what I’m most excited about."

If he could describe himself in three words, Sam would use at least four: "I'd say outgoing, love getting absolutely mortal, and just absolutely quality craic."

Coupling up with former islander Dom on the outside

Sam claims he’s “a little bit different to everyone else”...

.... which explains why, just like every other reality TV show star in history, one of his go-to phrases is “at the end of the day”.

He employs everyone’s favourite line when describing how determined he is to win Love Island. “And if I have to step on someone’s toes to that that, then I will do,” he says.

Why does he want to win so badly?

He claims it's to prove that he can do it, because he’s spent years watching the show and thinking he’d definitely take top honours.

How does this, er, Prince Charming woo women then?

Fancy dinners? Grand gestures? Nah, the self-titled serial dater says he’s not got the patience for that. “My attention span's not that good so to be honest, I generally only manage one date with a girl, or two at a push. I get bored easily.”

What happens when he gets bored?

“I just ignore their texts. I know that's a bit mean. I like a bit of a chase, you see. I do alright with girls. If I want it, I get it.” Be still our beating hearts…

Who would he actually text back, then?

Most likely his celebrity crushes, “Margot Robbie and Emily Ratajkowski. She's mint.”

And what kind of woman could claim his heart in the villa?

One who doesn’t swear too much, and who can have a decent conversation with him.

He’s not too concerned about the whole thing, though. “If you get pied on telly, then that's fine!” he says. “I don't take anything personally.”

It's just as well after what happened to him last time...


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.


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