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Who is Tyla Carr? The Love Island contestant appeared on First Dates, owns 38 bikinis and has her eye on Chris

She’s been on "all the dates that are possible" and ran out of available guys within a hundred mile radius

Published: Monday, 17th July 2017 at 8:04 pm

Love Island 2017 contestants: Tyla Carr


Age: 24

Occupation: Model

From: Chipstead, Surrey

Twitter: @TylaRosieCarr

Instagram: @TylaRosie

Her Love Island journey so far: Despite being something of a latecomer to the villa, it didn't take long for Tyla to start causing massive fireworks. Actually, it took about an hour.

Just a day after Jonny and Camilla had been on an amazing date and it seemed like our once-favourite couple could be getting back on track, Tyla entered the villa and had her pick of the boys for who she wanted to go for a drink with. And, surprise surprise, she chose Jonny.

Camilla was nervous, and she was right to be. Not long after at a recoupling, Jonny was torn as to who he was going to pick - Camilla or Tyla. In the end, he went for Camilla - but only because he hadn't had the chance to have a chat wth her, and the whole time he'd actually wanted to choose Tyla! Cue this look from Camilla:

Obviously Camilla was really nice about the whole thing, and the Jonny - Tyla - Camilla drama settled down.

But it looks as though things have settled down a bit too much for Tyla now. She's getting cold feet, complaining that he's too soppy for her. Could this be the end of Tyonny? Or Jyla? OK, we haven't really perfected the portmanteau yet...

What makes Tyla different to the rest of the female islanders?

A self confessed tomboy, well at least deep down, Tyla thinks she’ll become one of the lads and get on well with the guys in the villa – particularly Kem. She said, “Me and Kem would get on like a house on fire! We’d be a terrible twosome but there would be nothing romantic because I’m really tall and he’s really short.” Tyla also thinks she’s more approachable and welcoming than the other girls – not that it takes much.

Who’s she got her eye on in the Villa?

Before she went in, Tyla said she was interested in Dom, Jonny and Chris.

Before she went into the villa, she saw Olivia as her biggest competition: “She’s a lot like me, quite loud, she says it as she is, she’s outspoken, outgoing, quite flirtatious and obviously we like the same guy.” Uh oh. “I’m not afraid to take her on” Tyla assures us, whilst also saying she thinks Liv is the biggest game-player in the villa.

What’s her love life like?

Tyla may have been single for four years but she’s no stranger to dating. She says, “I’ve been on all the dates that are possible – I am a serial dater, I love a first date.” In fact, she’s literally run out of boys to go out with. “I went on a dating app and I actually ran out of men within a 100-mile radius! I didn’t even think that was possible!" She’s picky though, and any little thing could be a deal-breaker – especially feet. “Don’t put feet near me, I’ll throw up in the pool!”

Her biggest turn off is clinginess. “Don’t touch me too soon, stay clear – I need a foot between us!” And we thought she didn't like feet...

She won’t be skulking in the background, Tyla is convinced that she’ll last longer than dumped Islanders Mike and Tyne-Lexy did. “I’m gonna go in and I want to make sure I’m really friendly with the girls. I feel like that’s where Tyne-Lexy went wrong, she didn’t make an effort with the girls first.” She found Tyne-Lexy standoffish, but Tyla won’t be the same. “I’ve been told I’m a big personality."

Where have I seen Tyla before?

Last year Tyla appeared on First Dates with a guy called Bobby. It was an evening with a twist though, as his mum also was at the restaurant having a date. Awkward. They did agree to a second date, although it doesn't seem to have gone too well given the current circumstances...

Anything else I should know? Expect an impressive wardrobe from Tyla, as she’s brought 38 different bikinis to wear in the villa, as well as spending around three grand on cosmetics, clothes and shoes. Blimey.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.


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