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Camilla's getting nervous as Love Island new girl Tyla picks a date with Jonny ahead of tonight's recoupling

Jamilla was all going so well - and now this!

Published: Friday, 23rd June 2017 at 8:01 pm

Yesterday Jonny and Camilla went on a date, had a bit of a kiss, talked about getting things "back on track" and everybody basically lost it because it was so incredible cute and maybe, just maybe, Jamilla could actually happen.


But in a worrying twist, it could all be about to be undone by new girl Tyla, a date and a recoupling...

Tyla has made it clear from the start that she has her eye on Jonny so when the first text of the day arrived – revealing that there will be a recoupling tonight and that Tyla and fellow newbie Simon will get first dibs – Camilla understandably started to get a bit nervous.


Tonight there will be a recoupling in which Tyla and Simon will pick first.

They cannot couple up with one another.

Tyla, Simon and whichever two Islanders they couple up with will be safe at the next dumping.


To be fair to Tyla, she did have a chat with Camilla about where she and Jonny stood – and Camilla gave us the best indication yet that she is serious about trying to make it work with him after the row that broke them up last week.

"If I don't give this a shot I'm potentially gonna have lost something that could have gone somewhere," she said.

So when this next text came in, and having heard all that, who did Tyla choose first?


This afternoon you will have the chance to spend quality time with 3 of the boys. Go and ask out the first person you would like to date. #trybeforeyoubuy

Jonny of course.

And how did Camilla react to all this? Well this is Camilla, so...

"It's very hard when you're standing next to someone who is as gorgeous as Tyla and thinking that they might pick the person that you have feelings for.

"If he does like her and she likes him back I will of course step back."

Will Tyla couple up with Jonny? Or will she decide not to make herself public enemy number one?


Love Island is tonight at 9pm on ITV2


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