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Muggy Mike and Sam Gowland are voted back into the Love Island villa

Mike says he has "unfinished business" in there, and they BOTH have set their sights on Tyla and Georgia

Published: Wednesday, 12th July 2017 at 9:00 pm

Mike 'Muggy' Thalassitis and Sam Gowland have been dramatically voted back into the Love Island villa.


After a public vote, viewers decided to let the old boys have another stint on the ITV2 show rather than vote in some new faces. And now that they're in the villa, they both have their sights set firmly on Tyla and Georgia.

"I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the two new girls, Tyla and Georgia," says Mike. "Tyla was in the villa last time and we got on but we just didn’t get enough time to couple up. Georgia is the new girl but since I’ve seen her, I’ve thought, ‘She is definitely a bit of me." While Sam adds: "I’ve got my eye on Tyla and then Georgia."

Last time Mike was in the villa, he was embroiled in a mighty love triangle between Chris and Olivia. Which did not end well.

"Olivia will never get near me again, trust me," he says, adding that he's not looking forward to seeing her, Chris or Kem again. "She and Chris are suited, she got on well with him in there, a lot better than she did with me, we’re just different."

After he came out of the villa, Mike even told us he had "no chemistry" with Olivia. Ouch.

"We tried to give it a go and it didn’t work. The day I came out, I got myself out of the triangle, she told me she liked Chris more so I thought, 'You crack on.' Then I was voted out that same night. No hard feelings towards them."

Mike also says that it's "surreal" going back into the villa and that he's "excited to see what might happen.

"I’ve got some unfinished business in there to attend to," he adds, rather ominously.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.

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