Mike Thalassitis says he had “no chemistry” with Olivia Attwood on Love Island

But the ejected islander does have his eye on someone after the show ends…


Now that Mike Thalassitis has been voted out of the Love Island villa, the Chris-Olivia-Mike love triangle is well and truly over.


However, Mike is far from upset to see the back of Liv – and actually goes as far to say that the whole debacle basically ruined his time on the show.

“I fancied her but I didn’t have any feelings for her,” Mike told RadioTimes.com and other press after exiting the villa. “We weren’t bouncing off each other, there was no chemistry and the whole situation with her…it didn’t spoil my time in there but it definitely didn’t make it as enjoyable as I was hoping it to be.

“I feel like I had a bumpy ride when I was in there,” he added. “I was never really settled. I feel like I made friends, definitely, but there was a lot going on with the love triangle situation where it just masked me really being able to relax and have a good amount of fun in there.”

Oh, Mike. You’re almost making us feel sorry for you!


“I just wish that I didn’t pursue it as long,” he continued. “I knew something was going on [between Olivia and Chris], obviously I’m not stupid, but when I found out about the kiss, to me that’s just a complete no no. She had Chris after her so I don’t know why she felt the need to keep me there.”

Neither do we, Mike. Perhaps the fact it makes great TV? Anyway, Mike then had his own bombshell for us when he revealed the one girl who he would like to try and meet up with after the show ends.

“I definitely bounced off Chloe the most, and when I see myself settling down with a girl she definitely has to have the same personality as Chloe,” he said. “She’s very easy going, doesn’t take herself too seriously, that’s definitely what I like in a girl personality-wise.

“I know a couple of her friends anyway so I’m pretty sure we’ll be in touch on the outside.”

Seeing as Chloe is currently coupled up with Chris, we get the feeling he’ll have to face another barrage of ‘Muggy Mike’ insults if that pans out…


Love Island airs tomorrow at 9pm on ITV2