Who is Mike Thalassitis? The Love Island contestant, otherwise known as Muggy Mike, is back in the villa

It's the return of the mug as Mike explains what he wants to happen next with Chris and Olivia


Love Island 2017 contestants: Mike Thalassitis


Age: 24

Occupation: Semi-professional footballer, amateur hairdresser and former Love Island contestant

Twitter: @MikeThalassitis

Instagram: mike_thala

Lives: London

So Mike is back. What?! We know. In an amazing twist, producers gave viewers the choice of whether they wanted to vote two new boys or two old boys back into the villa. And lo, Mike and fellow former islander Sam Gowland were voted to return to the villa.

Why is everyone so excited to see Mike back? Just as Chris and Olivia decided to end things, Mike has made a comeback. This is big news, as the last time all three of them were in the villa together, they were embroiled in something of an epic love triangle.

But after he left the villa (his exit was made all the more speedy as Chris hilariously helped wheel his suitcase out the door), Mike since told RadioTimes.com that he had “no chemistry” with Olivia.


Why is Mike called Muggy Mike? It’s all courtesy of Chris. During that love triangle, there was a rather dramatic moment at a recoupling when Mike chose Olivia, nabbing her from the clutches of Chris who was hoping to pair up with her himself. Chris called him muggy Mike during the recoupling, which led Mike to retort under his breath: “Did he just call me muggy Mike? Prick.”

Now, things are very different. “Olivia will never get near me again, trust me,” he says, adding that he’s not looking forward to seeing her, Chris or Kem again. “She and Chris are suited, she got on well with him in there, a lot better than she did with me, we’re just different.”

Chris wasn’t the only one calling out his ‘muggy’ actions, as after Mike exited the villa with Jess rumours swirled that the pair had enjoyed something of a steamy night together. They both denied it, but Dom was left fuming when the rumours of a liaison hit the villa. He was so angry he threw a bottle suncream into the pool.

It’s probably worth noting here that before he went into the villa, Mike was asked who he had his eye on. “First off Jess,” he said. “I know she’s with Dom but looks-wise, definitely – and Olivia and Amber I would say are the girls I’d go for.”

So who does Mike have his eye on now? Most definitely not Olivia. “I’m mostly looking forward to seeing the two new girls, Tyla and Georgia,” says Mike. “Tyla was in the villa last time and we got on but we just didn’t get enough time to couple up. Georgia is the new girl but since I’ve seen her, I’ve thought, ‘She is definitely a bit of me.” While Sam adds: “I’ve got my eye on Tyla and then Georgia.”

Before he went in the first time, he was asked what he could offer the girls. His reply? “You’ll see when I walk in there. They’re all looking for tall, dark and handsome, so…”

And previously, he was also asked whether Chris be scared of him coming into the villa: “Yeah, petrified.”

We wonder if he should still be scared?


What are his tactics when it comes to the villa? “I’m a pretty straight-up guy so I’d wait ‘til I get a vibe off the girl before I started treading on anyone’s toes and if I felt there was anything there I’d say to the guy ‘Look, we all know the game, it is what it is, we’re all here for the same reason, at the end of the day you’ve still only known each other for a week, don’t want to tread on anyone’s toes but it is what it is.'”

Anything that bugs Muggy Mike about the villa? “I don’t agree with there being a friendship couple, I just don’t think that’s right.” Ouch.


Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.