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Love Island's Jess and Mike deny hooking up – but did this After Sun moment give them away?

We're not sure whether to believe them or not...

Published: Monday, 26th June 2017 at 7:56 am

Love Island's Mike Thalassitis and Jessica Shears have flat-out denied hooking up after leaving the villa.


It was speculated that the two had got together straight after they were both ejected from the ITV2 show. But Jessica's partner Dom Lever is still competing in Love Island, while Mike has declared himself "single".

Last night Mike insisted on Caroline Flack's After Sun spin-off show that nothing has happened between the pair.

"I think everyone knows what you read in media and that gets blown up," he explained. "For me it’s been crazy to even have this story come out. I don’t know where it’s come from – honestly."

Flack confronted him with a photo which showed Mike with his arm around Jess – and her affectionately holding it.

But Mike insisted: "We were chaperoned so we was never alone. Ever alone. Here I’ve got my arm round her because she was sad. We was both emotional – it was hard for both of us. We’d just been voted out."

ITV confirmed that the two had stayed in separate rooms with chaperones present at all times, and nobody had heard or seen anything going on.

And while Mike admitted he had thought of going to Jess' bedroom, he didn't follow through – partly because he was so "knackered" he just fell straight asleep.

The two admitted that they had become closer since being evicted together, but Jess confirmed there was nothing sexual or romantic going on at all.

"Absolutely nothing," she told Caroline. "And it’s almost laughable because now he’s been an angel and I’ve messaged him a lot since we’ve got back and the show’s been on because I’ve been crying all the time about it."

But Love Island fans aren't so sure, after spotting this very telling split-second exchange between the pair on After Sun – possibly before they remembered the cameras were rolling and Jess hastily removed her hand from Mike's lap...

Meanwhile, back in the Love Island villa, Dom got wind of the rumours (thanks to Gabbi's Skype call with her mum) and vowed to "embrace every opportunity" during his remaining time on the show. He's now coupled with newbie Tyla – what will this mean for his relationship with Jess?


"I just want to get hold of him, give him a hug and be like ‘Listen, it’s literally – there’s no truth behind that’. I just want me and him to carry on," she told Caroline last night. "I genuinely see us working outside the villa."

So, did Mike and Jess hook up... or didn't they?

The interviews didn't leave everyone convinced, as fans enjoyed watching Caroline's Paxman-style interrogation.

But others are prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt...


Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2


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