Who is Colin Newell aka Heavy D? Celebrity Big Brother 2016 contestant guide

Get ready to hear this Storage Hunters star say boom a lot


Name: Colin Newell – but Heavy D or the ‘boominator’ to his friends


Age: Mr Newell’s got an air of mystery about him and offers and ‘age range’ on his online actor’s profile. So he’s somewhere between 34 and 40

Twitter: @HeavyHeavyd. Here he describes himself as a self-styled fashion icon. In his picture he’s wearing a red onesie. Make of that what you will.

Famous, why? Rose to fame as a main buyer on Dave’s storage auction-themed reality show Storage Hunters. Yells “Boom!”. A lot.

Bio: Newell will be well known to Dave’s Storage Hunters fans, joining as a main buyer in 2014. He’s also got acting and music experience, too.

He’s really good at keeping secrets about being in the CBB house and that. Retweeting this ahead of the show:

Then: A reel of Newell’s acting work


Now: Showing off his unique buying style on Storage Hunters