Two people will be leaving Love Island tonight – but they may not be a couple

The Islanders not in the firing line will get the final say on who goes...


After Tuesday night’s Love Island, viewers were asked to vote for their favourite couple. The least popular pairs would then risk being booted out tonight, Wednesday. So far, so ruthless.


But it’s not quite as simple as that. You see, while the public vote has left us with three less popular couples in the firing line, it doesn’t necessarily mean that both members of any of those pairs will be leaving – and their fellow Islanders will be the ones making the final decision…

The boys who are safe will vote for the female member of the threatened couples they want to send home, while the girls will vote for the guy they want to get rid of. That means, for instance, that the girl from Couple 1 could go, along with the boy from Couple 3.

And of course it means that friendship/rivalry/bitchiness/horniness could all come into play when those decisions are made.

Caroline Flack will be parachuting in to break the news to the villa just as their midweek party is in full swing – and it’s safe to say that the final outcome may not be what you’re expecting…


Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2