Name: Steve-O

Jump nickname: Steve 'Geronimo' O

Age: 40

Famous, why? Stunt performer, comedian and TV personality

Bio: Best-known for appearing in daredevil show Jackass, Steve-O is loved for his crazy antics and skateboard tricks. He calls himself a "circus clown", saying he's now got a career out of "telling jokes about my p***s", but he's actually pretty worried his wacky cover will be "blown" when it comes to The Jump itself. "I’ve got this crazy mental block about it, and with that comes a crippling fear that I’m going to be revealed as the biggest wimp on the show."

Then: *Do not try this* Steve-o walks a tightrope over crocodile-infested water

Now: Pulling pranks on his friends and fellow travellers. Not much has changed...

The Jump starts on Sunday at 7:00pm on Channel 4