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Married at First Sight Australia viewers appalled by Davina's dinner party trash talk

Season five's unanimous villain was at her very worst as all the couples met on E4's reality show.

Davina, Married at First Sight Australia
Published: Wednesday, 19th August 2020 at 9:14 pm

Married at First Sight Australia held its season-defining dinner party when all the various couples meet for the first time. It's a chance to check out the other couples and, perhaps, time to ask for an annulment.


Davina Rankin immediately drew the ire of the audience watching on E4, initially for the way she immediately trashed her new husband Ryan Gallagher and dished details of her sex life.

Davina was keeping all her options open at the dinner and when she appeared to want to make up with Ryan, not a single viewer was buying it.

When Davina started coming on to Dean Wells, in front of both his new wife Tracey Jewel and Ryan, it was game over for viewers on social media. She was tried and found guilty of crimes against femininity. "Deffo not a girls girl is she," as one fan put it.

Had Davina found herself on the wrong show? This Married at First Australia viewer thought her behaviour belonged on Love Island.

Or even Wife Swap?

Some wondered why the producers were focusing so much on Davina and Ryan when there were other possible happy stories to be told. Sarah and Telv, for example. Perhaps because there is no drama in happy ever after.

Silver fox John was a hit from the first moment he arrived at dinner – he was already a television celebrity with the other newlyweds, courtesy of the way he was treated by Deborah in season four.

Meanwhile, Troy continued his PR campaign to be the second most unpopular contestant in season five.

When he declared he was the "dominant one" in his relationship with flight attendant Ashley, eyes were collectively rolled around the country, much like she has been doing every time he spoke.

When Dean declared that Davina was his "ideal woman" in a "room full of hotties" at the end of Wednesday's episode, viewers realised that Davina had worked her magic.

Married at First Sight Australia moves to the commitment ceremonies episode on Thursday and fans were excited to see which couples would survive the dinner party carnage.

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