The unprecedented hype and excitement surrounding the return of Love Island this year means that lots of us are already worrying whether it can live up to expectations.


But what can we actually expect from series four of the smash hit ITV2 show?

Two of the few people on the planet who know all the insider info are Angela Jain, managing director at ITV Studios Entertainment, and Tom Gould, Love Island's executive producer.

Speaking at a Royal Television Society event held for the ITV2 show, the pair revealed some details of what's in store this series, as well as dropping some hints about what sort of islanders we might see in the villa this summer (hint: there could be a noughties pop star following in Marcel's footsteps).

It goes without saying, the hype surrounding Love Island's return is unprecedented in the history of the show. But Jain and Gould aren't worried.

"I don’t feel any pressure," said Jain. "I think we’ve got an unblemished track record when it comes to awards season, right? Every single award we’ve been up for this year we’ve won.

"That gives me confidence that we know what we’re doing. That doesn’t mean arrogance and that we should sit back, but it gives us confidence. We’ve just got to do more of the same.

ITV2 announce new show from makers of Love Island

"Of course there’s pressure but if you worry too much about all those external pressures that you don’t have any control over, you lose sight of what you’re supposed to be doing," she continued. "We know what we’re supposed to be doing and we know how to do it."

Gould, meanwhile, said that although the format itself hasn't changed since the first series in 2015, the show has "evolved". Jain agrees: "Every single series has to be an evolution," she says.

"But the way we make the show is absolutely the same," adds Gould. "So I take heart from that and just know that we’ve got to do that again. It is a format that works."

So basically it's going to be the same... but also completely different. One key difference already confirmed this year will be the smoking ban, but the brand new cast will be heading back to the same old villa.


Love Island returns Monday 4th June 9pm on ITV2

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