As Love Island edges ever nearer, we're getting increasingly desperate to know who will be entering the villa this year.


Plenty of names (including some familiar faces) have already been rumoured, but according to the show's producers we should actually be expecting the unexpected.

Speaking at a Royal Television Society event dedicated to the ITV2 show, Angela Jain, managing director at ITV Studios Entertainment, and Tom Gould, executive producer for the show, spoke about casting for this series.

"There absolutely need to be some surprising cast members there – people who you're not expecting to see," said Jain.

Referencing last year's key cast members Montana Brown and Camilla Thurlow – both described by Gould as not "your archetypal reality show contributors" – Jain said they were examples of people you might not expect to see on a show like Love Island.

"I think it’s given us confidence," she added. "But you never want to do the same thing again, by the way, so it’s just about making sure we have enough cast that feels like they are absolutely heart and soul Love Island – and then a certain percentage of people who feel genuinely new to telly and genuinely surprising."

Meanwhile Gould added that if Camilla and Montana had "walked into the audition room in series one, we probably wouldn't have put them on the show.

"But it just felt like they would bring something different, and I think that really brought a different audience last year."

Gould also teased some of the applicants for series four: "All sorts of people have come forward that I would never have expected."

And if you think you could be one of them, you're in luck. Applications for the upcoming series are still open...


Love Island returns Monday 4th June 9pm on ITV2

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