Love Island new girl Megan torn between Eyal and “proper man” Alex

Megan looked set to couple up with Eyal but she can't stop thinking about the villa's dreamy doctor

Love Island episode 8 2018

After Eyal cock-blocked the doc, viewers thought it was over for Alex – but new girl Megan is less set than it seems on who she’s going to go for.


After having a cheeky kiss on their date and then again in the villa, Megan and Eyal looked ready to couple up. The model pair clearly have chemistry but in Tuesday night’s show Megan’s head seems all over the place.

In an attempt to weigh up body over brains, Megan chats to Eyal, confessing: “It’s odd knowing how to play it. Everyone’s like ‘what’s happening with you?’ I don’t know, it’s so early.” Careful Megan, don’t let Hayley hear you call it a ‘game’ she might lose it again.

But Eyal is in agreement, calling their moment “just a kiss.” He adds: “This is what I tried to tell people in here. I’m just here to see what happens. You’re hot, you’ve got great lips so I thought ‘why not?’” You’re right Eyal, this is Love Island after all.

Megan tells the beach hut: “Things with Eyal are good. In the game we kissed and stuff but it’s still early days. I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket and just write off everyone else because I don’t know. There’s other guys. Alex… I want the chance to talk to him today, and hopefully see how it is. See if we have a better vibe, if it’s more natural.”

With poor Megan unable to make up her mind, even super chill Eyal is struggling: “‘I don’t know how Megan feels about me and I’ve learnt not to jump to any conclusions in the villa. But maybe she’s into me. You never know.”

She did look pretty into that kiss… but Megan tells the girls she is still stuck between the boys: “I’ve always gone for the same type of guy based on looks or really shallow reasons.”

The model added: “Alex is a proper man. I like that.” Maybe there is hope for the doctor after all.


Megan, if you think “Alex is such a beautiful person” please pick him to couple up with, do it for the viewers. Let’s hope the doctor’s finally in for romance.

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