“I’ve lost all respect for him” – Love Island fans are furious with Eyal after he ruins Dr Alex’s date

Although everyone had been Team Eyal on Sunday, Monday night's show saw him "c**k block" Alex - and fans weren't impressed

Love Island Eyal and Megan, ITV Pictures, SL

Love Island fans couldn’t get enough of Eyal at the start of the week following his confrontation with Hayley.


But what a difference a day in the villa makes.

During Monday night’s show, new girl Megan Barton Hanson walked into the villa, and Alex George – who has so far been completely unlucky in love – became the first boy to speak to her and try to get to know her.

It was all going OK – until Eyal turned up to gatecrash their one-on-one chat. Or “cock-blocking”, as he charmingly put it.

Niall Aslam on Love Island 2018

Anyway, the new islanders (Megan, Josh Denzel and Charlie Frederick) then chose the boys they wanted to go on dates with, and Megan chose both Eyal and Alex.

Although Alex thought their date went pretty well, little did he know that Eyal – who claimed “all’s fair in love and war” beforehand – had enjoyed a cheeky snog with Megan during his date with her.

Things then went from bad to worse for Alex when during a game of dates, Eyal was tasked with sucking Megan’s finger – and instead went in for a full-on snog with her. Right in front of Alex.

Fans weren’t happy with Eyal, who basically went from hero to zero in under 24 hours:


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