ITV vows to make Love Island available instantly on catch-up this year

After the show was frequently delayed on catch-up last series, ITV Hub have now said they're striving for the show to be made available "instantly" each night for 2018

Dani Dyer Love Island

There was one thing about last year’s Love Island that was even more frustrating than Chris and Olivia splitting up, getting back together and then splitting up again.


ITV Hub could be, how do we put this, rather slow when it came to uploading episodes of Love Island.

Despite each episode usually ending at 10pm, last year we could often be kept waiting until well into the following day for the show to become available on the channel’s player and catch-up service.

Frantic refreshing of ITV Hub at 11pm, midnight and later would often produce nothing and we’d be left wailing into our laptops and avoiding Twitter in case of spoilers.

So ahead of the fourth series, we wanted to ask ITV what’s going on – and whether this year is going to be any different. And we have some very good news.

ITV are now aiming to have the episodes uploaded immediately after they have aired each night on ITV2.

A spokesperson told “We are aiming to have the shows live and available on ITVHub straight after transmission.”

Thank flipping goodness.


Love Island airs daily at 9pm on ITV2