Love Island’s Wes snogs Laura – but says it’s not ‘Loyalty Island’ when new girls enter the villa

Is Wes set to snake poor Laura in favour of the new arrivals?

Wes and Laura on Love Island episode 3 2018

Love Island’s Wes and Laura get cosy under the covers in tonight’s episode, with things stepping up a gear when the pair share a cheeky snog under the duvet.


Wes even says Laura “ticks every box” for him, and the pair seem smitten. But all is not rosy in Waura (or Les?) world when two bombshell girls drop into the villa and news of the arrivals seems to have changed his mind. 

Things are about to get snakey, people.

In Wednesday night’s episode, the girls are banished to the terrace while the boys are told to #fixuplooksharp as they host a welcome party for the new girls (or #gamechangers as they’re charmingly referred to in a text) to arrive.

As they walk in, Wes says: “We’re on f***ing Love Island, it’s not f***ing Loyalty Island. We’re here to find the girl of our dreams, not stick with the girl we’ve been partnered with from the start. That’s the point of it.”

Love Island episode 3 2018
Love Island episode 3 2018

Changed your tune, much?!

From the terrace, just out of earshot, blissfully ignorant Laura asks “why’s [Wes] got a shirt on?’”and sounds annoyed at her other half (has she already forgotten what went on when Adam first walked in?!).

Love Island episode 3 2018
Love Island episode 3 2018

All the Love Island girls look uncomfortable, each craning their necks to see who plans to steal their other half.

Samira gets especially green-eyed when she finds out that Georgia is a drama student. “Now I feel jealous, I feel weird,” she says. “I hope she wasn’t on the West End.”

“She’s ballsy. She would nick your man,” she continues. “She would take him from your table and buy him a drink.”


Crikey. However, Samira does speak for them all when she says of the whole evening: “I don’t like this, I don’t like this at all.”

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