Love Island’s Mike lays it on thick with Jess as Luke M rages in dramatic first look

Mike is putting all his eggs in Jess' basket!

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Love Island: SR6: Ep19 on ITV2

Pictured: Jess and Mike.

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Love Island have delivered a first look at tonight’s episode, and all we can say is, brace yourselves, because Mike Boateng is laying it on factor 50.


In the preview clip, the islander, 24, can be seen putting some serious moves on his former love interest, Jess Gale.

At yesterday’s recoupling, Mike coupled up with Sophie Piper and sent Leanne packing.

But in the teaser, he makes it clear that he actually wanted to choose Jess, however,  Luke Mabbott got there first.

Shortly after the recoupling, he tells her: “I should probably let you know that I obviously would have picked you but I’m not going to let it stop me from getting to know you.”

The grafting doesn’t stop there, however, as he’s later seen having another very cringe-worthy conversation with Jess.

As the duo sit by the pool, Mike says: “I feel like me and you already get on. I don’t think it’s a case of me cracking on because I already have a good connection with you.”

Jess then replies: “I think we’ve just got to see how it goes. I’m still focusing on Luke.”

Not backing down – and much to our horror – Mike then jokes: “I’m gonna be on the side. I’m gonna be a side dish – a sexy side dish, too.”

Luke Trotman – who is sitting nearby with Luke M – happens to catch this part of the conversation and relays it to his friend, who isn’t impressed.

“He’s p***ing me off. He’s a snake,” Luke M utters.

Love Island's Mike and Jess (©ITV)
Love Island’s Mike and Jess (©ITV)

But if you thought that was bad, Mike is seen chatting to Jess for the third time – this time on the day beds.

As he wraps a blanket around her shoulders and rubs her arm, Mike can be heard saying: “If I want to put my hand there I’ll do that. I’ll definitely do that.”

It’s at this point that Siannise Fudge – who is watching from the kitchen with Finley Tapp and Luke M –  turns to Luke and says: “You go ever there now and you go get your girl!”

The video montage ends with Luke storming over to Mike and Jess, as Shaughna Phillips cheers on: “Yes Luke!”

Sounds like things are about to get messy!


Love Island airs weeknights and Sundays on ITV2 at 9pm