When we picked up with Love Island for episode 47, tensions were running high between Tom and the Sports Day winners, Shaq and Will. In baffling scenes, the latter pair poked Tom so much about losing the daft task that he became genuinely quite upset with Shaq in particular.


Tanya talked some sense into Shaq, who was reluctant to apologise initially, and said it was for the best he cleared the air. In the fastest make-up ever, the pair hugged it out and all was OK. That was that, then.

The islanders couldn't rest for too long as they got a text revealing The Hideaway was open and it was time for Kai and Sanam to have their turn in the private villa.

While Sanam put on her very best, Kai put on... an outfit. Leopard print pants, an orange jumper and denim vest - works for some!

Things turned quite literally saucy very quickly and thankfully for viewers, it was time for lights out before we saw any more.

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The next morning, the group reflected on last night as Kai and Sanam both recommended the chocolate sauce to everyone. Talk moved on to the now-iconic Sports Day where the boys once more discussed the drama and Tom put his point across. Everyone was friends at the end of it, thank goodness.

An interesting conversation followed, when Jessie and Rosie watched Will and Casey mess on. Rosie thought their relationship was funny, but Jessie admitted she didn't like them together, thinking they're a bit childish. We can see this one growing...

But the main drama of the day fell in the ranking challenge which started off fairly tame with hottest couples and intelligent couples.

Things quickly turned sour as the topics became spicier, with topics such as most one-sided couple, who will split up the fastest after they leave the villa, and the couple with the least sexual chemistry.

It's safe to say it was pretty awkward all-round as the islanders danced around what they really wanted to say - but it was the game-playing question which caused the most debate. Will and Jessie, Casey and Rosie, and Shaq and Tanya took one for the team and stood up on the pedastools, but the results were actually: Ron and Lana in third, Shaq and Tanya in second and Casey and Rosie in first.

Casey was once more reflecting on Jessie and his relationship with her, after she made another random dig at him on the game-playing round, suggesting he'd moved on from Claudia very quickly. Things are not all well between those two and we can see battle lines being drawn.

Jessie on Love Island
Jessie on Love Island

Ron was very much not happy with being branded a game-player by the public (and having Shaq call him out saying he only made Lana his girlfriend because Lana is the most-liked) and you could see it bubbling away at him.

Jessie and Will then had a little argument, with the former taking offence to Will saying he liked her more than she liked him. Jessie explained how that comment triggered her insecurities before she started crying. They hugged it out and it was time to start turning on other couples.

Once more, Jessie poked at Casey and Rosie (without actually saying their names), and Casey was left with a sour taste in his mouth about her - again, we can see this one bubbling again.

As the episode came to an end, there was a lot of unrest in the villa, with Ron unhappy with Shaq, Casey unhappy with Jessie, and pretty much everyone having something they were feeling self-conscious about. Fun!

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